Just Another Guy Trying Not To Be Just Another Guy

Anders, 22
Star Wars
Lord Of The Rings
The Hobbit
Harry Potter
Mass Effect
+ lots of other stuff!

I guess I'm just a good guy, trying to do good things. Sometimes it ends up as a big mess, thought, that's what you get when you are human. One last thing, in German my name means different which is a description that fits me well.

Become the wolf.

Well fine

Go to hell, I’m don’t know shit anymore and it’s not like that’s a good thing. However I won’t let it destroy me. I will survive. But if in the end this was all for nothing, fuck you. I trusted you, went through things you can never imagine or understand.

For the future, this better end well. Brother, we are (worst case were) good friends. And I won’t let her break me down either. Not again.

That’s all. I hope I’m wrong like before.