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Anders, 22
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I guess I'm just a good guy, trying to do good things. Sometimes it ends up as a big mess, thought, that's what you get when you are human. One last thing, in German my name means different which is a description that fits me well.

Become the wolf.

I’m fucking pissed off right now

While I was out this weekend, some fucked up punk ass kids apparently stole our mailbox. Fucking hell, I was expecting a package of 40k stuff and another which I’m pretty sure haven’t arrived yet. Worse case, those fuckers throwed the mailbox in the river, and I’ve lost stuff worth 50 Euroes.That’s a shitload of money for students like me.


Well fine

Go to hell, I’m don’t know shit anymore and it’s not like that’s a good thing. However I won’t let it destroy me. I will survive. But if in the end this was all for nothing, fuck you. I trusted you, went through things you can never imagine or understand.

For the future, this better end well. Brother, we are (worst case were) good friends. And I won’t let her break me down either. Not again.

That’s all. I hope I’m wrong like before.

Fuck you guys

Thanks for calling from the party (in the wood of all places) 30 minutes after the last bus passed by. Now I’m all fucked, with no means to get there.

And my sister is of course gone too, so she can’t drive me either. And I helped here this week and the last, she owns me for that sort of. But no, fate fucks me over again.

I’ve been sober for 3 months now, THAT’S why I’m fucking overreacting now

Angry, tired and well angry again. Sums up my mood right now.

Things are calming down now. I just don’t like how everything… arrrgg just… oh nevermind

Fuck everything

For people being sick, busy or simply gone. And fuck my feelings and others too. 

Shit. Can’t wait for easter being over and all.


You know that I don’t have any money and you decided to put the Dark Eldar on pre-order today! ARRHGHKRTKLF

I just fucking hate

People who take stuff you quite obviously are using, without even asking. Arrgh.