Just Another Guy Trying Not To Be Just Another Guy

Anders, 22
Star Wars
Lord Of The Rings
The Hobbit
Harry Potter
Mass Effect
+ lots of other stuff!

I guess I'm just a good guy, trying to do good things. Sometimes it ends up as a big mess, thought, that's what you get when you are human. One last thing, in German my name means different which is a description that fits me well.

Become the wolf.
  • mike: hey chester what's that thing you're singing into!?
  • chester: the popper stopper! .. this stops all the pop from getting through.. just rock, just pure rock can get through this one.
  • mike: wait, take the popper stopper off & show the folks at home what happens if the popper stopper comes off.
  • chester: here's the chorus.. I'VE GIVEN UUUUPPPP! right? put the popper stopper off.. i've given up..
  • mike: put it back on!
  • chester: AAAAAAAAAA--uuuuuup.. ooooAAAAAAAAAAAuuuuup.. it's amazing isn't it? it's like all of a sudden i get LIKE REALLY PISSED