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I guess I'm just a good guy, trying to do good things. Sometimes it ends up as a big mess, thought, that's what you get when you are human. One last thing, in German my name means different which is a description that fits me well.

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Oh well

Looks like the girl I like, just wants to be friends. Yeah what the hell did I expect. Faen i helvete, detta e jo heilt jævlig.

And fuck here comes the pain


I just got told by the very girl I have very strong feelings for, that she could never feel the same back. I feel so lost, I don’t have words. Feels like shit.

I have no idea what to say. Right before Christmas, worst pre-gift there is. My heart, I don’t know. 

And the worst part is, I still haven’t fully realized it yet. It’s too hard to comprehend.


Fucking great

First tonight my room-mate threw me out of my room, because this girlfriend decided to sleep over. I at first didn’t mind, until they fucking decided to borrow my bed. Then I still didn’t give a fuck, but a little bit against it. My stuff was thrown everywhere, which sucks.

Didn’t want to be in the house and started to text people. Then there was this movie in another house, which I joined to see. She was there. I feel asleep during the movie and woke up by her fucking messing up my neck with my scarf. I was a bit angry about that, however then I had to leave because two wanted to be alone. Yeah that’s rigth, I was thrown out there too. So I feel like shit right now and totally unwanted. To top it, now I can’t even fucking fall asleep again. FML

And I really hope she wasn’t one of those two, because then this race is over and I lost. I always lose. This is why I never get too connected with girls, they always seem to break my heart. Or stamp on it really hard, at least.

Trying to lock away my feelings always seems to work

But then again that’s exactly why I’ve never had a girlfriend. I somehow never dare to open, because it never seems worth it. I’ve always been alone. And I’m still not sure if this is good. I just know it will end before it begins and I’ll end up alone again. That’s why. I don’t know.


You know that I don’t have any money and you decided to put the Dark Eldar on pre-order today! ARRHGHKRTKLF

Fuck fuck fuck

I still can’t shave, because the shaving machine part is still fucking gone. Damn you wind, why did you have to steal it. I really want to shave now.


Faen må gå hardt på flaska neste helg, vess det blir nåkka. Ellers kjøpe æ telt og har en privat fæst. Desperat? NEI

Once again, FML

In one moment we talk and laugh alone, the next she goes away to snuggle with him. I’m all alone again and feel so unwanted.