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I guess I'm just a good guy, trying to do good things. Sometimes it ends up as a big mess, thought, that's what you get when you are human. One last thing, in German my name means different which is a description that fits me well.

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Look what I found in the mailbox, when I got home from work today! Fantastic way to start the weekend! WE heads and some chain to finish my Kharn kitbash/conversion which has been untouched for months.

Thank you Forge World!



On the left we have what painting space marine eye lenses looks like , as opposed to the right which is how it feels.

Oh my god this is so accurate.

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Marchosias, the Right Hand of Doom, Coryphaus of the 18th Host.

Legitimately only converted this guy because I saw the new raptor kit had a right-handed powerfist and my first thought was Hellboy. So yeah. That said, he tends to be a brute in close combat (as chaos lords tend to be) so I’m not complaining about having him in the army.